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"Rousing and impressive ... Lark and Hwangbo had it well in hand but addressed its mammoth forms and grand contours with judicious restraint. In other words they didn't over sell the music but let it speak for itself. When the hammering final notes came, rather than be exhausted one wanted to hear more.”

          -Times Union

"Wonderful interplay between pianist Ellen Hwangbo and cellist Richard Lester"

           -Rye News

"It is amazing to me..." she "can express through the intimacy of [her] instrument such positive feelings and subtle emotions"

          -Silicon Valley Insider

"excellent pianist"

     -The Daily Gazette

"It was crisp, the rhythms and articulations were precise and immaculate, their technical passages had superb clarity and the energy was high.  Tempos were lively and the musical phrasing was strong. The finale with its offbeat rhythms was a joyous romp. ... The two played with a bold exuberance that was wonderful.”

          -The Daily Gazette

"Order and calm were restored, with pianist Ellen Hwangbo at the helm, ... recalling the moody sobriety of Cortot-Thibaud-Casals.”

 -Boston Musical Intelligencer

"deeply moving ... complemented by Hwangbo’s sensitive piano. It was powerful ... a truly potent and dramatic experience."

    -Rutland Herald

"movingly executed by Ellen on piano..."

     -Lake Placid

"An expert performance ... pianist Ellen Hwangbo performed this ever-popular work with flair and finesse."

          -Times Argus

"I was impressed at one of the Prelude Performances by the harmony, the energy and the elegance of Ellen Hwangbo ... so magnificently played!"

          -Silicon Valley Insider

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